A Dieter’s Dream Is Now Within Your Reach

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What is it that makes it so difficult for the average person to lose weight? Maybe it’s the diet. Maybe it’s the lack of an exercise program. Maybe it’s something else. But one thing remains: how we eat affects our weight.

You are what you eat

Why is it how we eat, in particular how we eat, has the biggest impact of all? This is because, as our metabolism (the rate at which our bodies produce energy and utilize food) changes, the rate at which we burn calories also changes.

But this isn’t what the diet and exercise industries want you to think about. They protect a ” peaceful” relationship between you and food by making sure you feel you have a “good” relationship with activity, even though somewhat modern blueprints might suggest otherwise.

People used to get more exercise through physical labor. That was excellent in the days when manual labor powers. But times have changed. Today, that same body needs to be flexed and pushed rather than lifted and strained – and that’s why those “calorie burning” exercises are so popular.

This way of thinking is one of the major reasons that people nowadays are having trouble with weight gain. We used to believe that the easier we got the more weight we would lose. But now we know that exercise alone isn’t an effective weight loss strategy. You need to follow up with a proper diet, but even that isn’t an especially easy way of beating the bulge.

There are some ways in which you can turn this around. The most obvious is that you’ll lose weight simply by taking in fewer calories. The trick is, though, in carefully choosing the sort of food that you do eat.

Find your food

You certainly don’t want to go with a crash diet which tells you to starve yourself. You know the sort of foods which are best for you: lean meat with extra protein, whole grain bread, fruit, vegetables, and other whole foods. You want to make sure you push yourself toward whole foods as much as you can.

But if you don’t get the combination right, you’ll never really get the sort of weight loss you want. And none of us wants that to happen. We’d much rather that the pounds just melt away automatically, almost without trying ourselves.

And there’s also a very good reason that food shouldn’t be looked at as the enemy: you simply can’t do without it. The human body relies upon food for all its functions. Even sleeping needs energy. The inner organs of the body need oxygen and energy.

Even if you take all the extra exercise you can and eat more calories than you burn off each day, you still won’t lose weight unless you find a way to relax the body and get it to use up some of the store of fat you’re carrying around in your trunk. In the meantime, though, you’ll just keep packing on calories.

The way you eat

The same is true in the way you eat. Don’t pack too many fatty foods. Avoid concentrated sugars (candy, cookies, soda – even the ones you call diet ones – which have tons of calories on them). Make sure the bulk of your calories are in the form of a large, healthy breakfast, and make sure you eat a good lunch.

After that, you can eat a little bit more for the rest of your day, but make sure it’s mainly vegetables and fruits. Give yourself some spicy foods as well, but don’t overdo it – if you like spicy foods, make sure to get some from a good source, not a convenience store snack or fast food joint.

Make sure to spread out your calories and make sure they aren’t too few. The body needs to have some foods to operate on, but it shouldn’t be saddled with too many at a time.

So the next time you’re tempted to skip out on a meal or to order a smaller version of your favorite meal, think about the good you’ll be doing for yourself and for those who are less fortunate. Better plan your snacks and meals ahead of time.

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