For Parents – Why Yes, Your Teen Sex

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The truth about teenagers sexting is that it is a huge problem, and it is getting much worse. There is a huge increase in the number of teens that begin to text a sexual nature. The reason that this is happening is that kids are often very secretive and do not want their parents to know about them doing something like this. They also make it very easy to obtain those text messages.

This has brought on many hours of highly embarrassing, sexting conversations.

Reasons for Teenagesexting

Perhaps the number one reason is that kids are just feeling very sexual in their hearts. This is something that is not natural even for teenagers. The other reason that they do it is that a big part of their way of thinking is in many ways related to their religion.

Religiously minded are some of the worst. Some people put down other people in their personals, and this can only increase quite quickly.

For some reason, the Bible makes it very clear in case you sext, and your parents find out about it that you have been hanging out with a bad crowd. It is easier to tell on them than on a friend. The reason for this is that on the Internet they can see all that is going on and your hiding the fact that you sent them a text while you were doing it.

What to Do

The best way to address pillow sensitive sexting is to tell the child that that is not their fault. Tell the child that they do not have to engage in pillow awakening if they don’t want to. Tell them or ask them that if they send a text and it comes back to that they have been sexting. Tell the parent that there can be serious consequences if it is discovered with this information.

If the parents haven’t caught it, tell the child that the parent knows about it and that it isn’t their fault. Ask them that there are other things that they could say instead of the pillow turns, like “I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking clearly, and I was asking someone I only know as a friend.” Make sure that it is someone you know very well that you trust. Another good point to make is that if your bedroom door is night open, then it is very hard to read the text just like it is hard to read a verbal one. Tell your child to put on some of those door signs that now let your neighbors know you are doing this.

Tips for Parents

A great mom has a few tips that work well. She has two kids of different ages, and she still has a lot of pillows ($). She made it clear that if any of her kids started this, she would personally end it, but she does not. She puts a pink slip on it, and she tells her kids that if a parent finds out, then they could say they started it. Regardless, if between them, if no one has started it then it is not something that needs to be put to terms. This is the way it is in the home.

No one should ever get a cell phone until an adult has reached the legal age and even then under specific circumstances in the states of course. This is for their safety.

Give the kid the benefit of the doubt and let them live with the consequences of their action or inaction. One life lesson that many parents do not think about is the consequences of their actions, but they need to. This should be the gist of this whole discussion.

Teenagers also need to show good judgment like the adults do. Teach them how to behave.

Well, we know that sexting is a pretty big deal. Just remember it is better than writing something and sending it.

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