How To Impress Her When You Call

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There are several ways for you to impress a girl when you are considering calling her. You want to make sure that you know what to say when to say it, and how to say it.

Getting a girl to call you is not as hard as you may make it out to be. Numerous tips will help you make that special connection with her. Let’s begin.

Before you call, you must first take stock of your surroundings

You should find her before you call. You wouldn’t want to walk through the bar, spot her in a group, and then suddenly call her. There is no way that she will connect with you, and even if she does, she will suspect that it was all based on your suggestion.

If a girl is not with a boyfriend, she will usually keep a guy she is dating. You will not be able to pick this apart later.

She most likely didn’t introduce you to her friends. There are too many emotions at work to consider introducing you to someone. Only introduce her to one of her general friends that she is very comfortable with.

One of the biggest tips to impress her when you are considering calling her is to do with what you have already. Only an information dump will make her dump you. Don’t be that easily discouraged, and certainly don’t write her off as a terrible person.

Write her a short, cute, funny text

This shows that you are playful, and you are interested. She is going to a pretty crowded place, and on a great night like this, she will want to know that someone is paying attention to her. If you create a connection somehow, she won’t have time to dump you and will be looking for a way to do so.

Don’t spend hours talking on the phone. She doesn’t want to listen to it either. A good quantity of calls is the best thing to avoid one of you feeling neglected.

Some guys say you should tell her how you felt, but unless she has been in a relationship for a while, she is not likely to feel comfortable hearing that. It doesn’t necessarily hurt any less, but it is a way for this common friend to dump you.

Don’t spend ages talking about the future

If it is going to happen, it is going to happen the same night or at the next date. Tell her one thing, and then drop a bomb. Be aware of this and always think about these things as you build the relationship.

Make sure that she isn’t someone that causes you grief. If you are constantly worrying about her, it will build up in the long run. If you are trying to impress by talking about long term plans, it will just make you seem desperate and cause unnecessary friction.

Try to talk about more fun things, so that she will show excitement. Talk about some places you’ve gone as well as things you’ve accomplished. Women love to know that a man is earning his keep.

Some men are overcompensating for some kind of shortcoming. They will talk about a future with you that is bigger than you. They figure since you haven’t accomplished anything worth bragging about that you must be worth a lot more than they are.

Another bad idea is for a man to immediately talk about money. All too often this leads to arrogance, which is never a good thing.

However, if you talk about money in a fun and joking way, it will make her wonder about your financial situation. Women are trying to get equal with the men. They don’t want to feel like they are conquered entirely. You don’t want her to feel like you don’t have a brain.

Find a way to end the conversation

This will make her wonder. Don’t overdo it, but just say that you had a good conversation. Then add something like, “That’ll be all, I’ve got to go”.

This will cause her to feel wanting to talk more and will cause her to want some closure. This is important because you don’t want her expecting more from you and becoming unhappy with the relationship. After all, every relationship has its length and stride.

If she is still with you, it is pretty evident that she is interested. Now is your chance to paced things down and only talk buy her a little bit. She will appreciate that you respect her so much that you paced things down.

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