Reverse Cell Phone Parental Control

A child with a parent at the computer

Cell phone parental control has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. Today, many of us have a cell phone so, we can text and talk on the telephone. As technology has advanced, so have the methods of protecting our children.

Some methods of this protection are out on a trial and error basis. We should not rely on these methods entirely to keep our children safe. There are newer methods to align with technology and give us complete control over what our children do on the telephone.

Which programs exist

Many programs exist to assist in the fact we have taken our cell phone to another level. Products like parental controls include telephones that dial only certain numbers and have a quick way of fixing it back up at a slower speed to stop an accidental dial. The dialing function can be set up so the caller doesn’t even hear the phone ringing.

One of the most popular parental controls is setting a time limit on how often a child can text and do so at a much slower speed. This is strongly easily changed though with just the push of a button. The other thing with this system is it doesn’t allow parents to be tracking where the child has been on all phones of the family.

And finally, the best and most shocking parental controls is the fact that many internet sites use the first two letters of your child’s vocabulary as an easy communication code. With this information, parents can change the content of searched pages to only benefit the child.

These are the best of technology for parents to exert some control over their children’s cell phones, and using this software to give parents control over children’s internet users can only be positive regard for their children. I strongly encourage parents to take these controls to prevent other pursuits, and instead of promoting online activities to their children.

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