Secrets to Finding and Using Your Motivation to Lose Weight

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A big part of achieving your weight loss goal may just be the motivation to lose weight. If you haven’t found the motivation to lose weight, then many of the diet programs available today will just have been a waste of time and money. However, should you have the motivation to lose weight, you’ll find that lots of diet programs will be much more effective in helping you to shed those extra pounds.

Realize the need for weight loss

A lot of people don’t truly realize why they want to lose weight. They may want to look great for a certain event, or their future significant other, or simply to feel healthier. But few of us truly understand the true motivation behind why we would want to lose weight.

So where does someone derive the motivation to lose weight? And what is the best way to do it?

Well, the most common motivation behind a person’s decision to lose weight is the desire to see one’s children grow up and get married, better know where they are coming from, or to simply have a healthier future.

For both of these reasons, people search long and hard for the motivation to lose weight, and when they find it they aren’t consistent in keeping it. They may exercise for a day and miss out on long periods of working out because they don’t have the motivation to keep up with it. Or one may decide to go on a popular fad diet, only to give up on it weeks later when he/she is not consistent with the diet anymore.

The motivation to lose weight is most commonly derived from the desire to see one’s children grow up, and when you’re a young parent, this may well be one of your primary motivations for wanting to lose weight. You may also want to make the necessary changes to your life to make sure that you age gracefully and can take care of your body in the best possible way as well. So long as you are reasonably healthy, if you’re overweight it doesn’t matter what you do short of doing extreme damage to yourself if you do it long enough, it will stay that way forever, and you may even gain weight as a result.

Having particular goals is one way of getting the motivation to lose weight, as you may be able to locate other special occasions or events in which you want to look your best such as a wedding, date night, or even a vacation. Or you may want to be able to wear something new or tell someone else what your plan is.

The right goals are crucial for motivation

If adding weight to your body poses a serious health risk, that in itself is a good reason to lose weight, but don’t use this as the primary motivation for losing weight. The risk of death associated with obesity is higher in overweight and obese people than those who maintain balanced body weight.

Besides the risk of death associated with obesity, frequent illnesses such as common cold and flu, skin infections, and diabetes are likely to affect someone overweight and obese. Therefore it is important to strive to weigh a healthy weight, but you don’t have to lose all your extra weight fast. Weight loss of 10 to 20 pounds a month is a healthy and reasonable goal.

Using pregnancy as the primary or secondary motivator for losing weight is a mistake. A woman is told by her doctor to lose at least 25 pounds or there fears she could have a complication during pregnancy, there pregnant and overweight, but you do not need to become pregnant to lose weight either. Gaining weight during pregnancy can help decrease the chance of acquiring diabetes, fertility complications, and having a baby with unreliable hips and don’t want rams.

Combining a desire to look good and be healthy with losing weight to remain healthy and well is enough motivation for you to discover the motivation for losing weight.

If you have the primary motivation to lose weight, and you have the long term motivation to maintain your weight. You’ll find that losing weight isn’t nearly as hard as you might think it’ll be, as long as you are motivated to do it!

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