The Secret to a Good French Kiss!

Couple kissing each other

Everyone has seen it at one point or another in life. The extremely good-looking guy will lean in, kiss the girl, and suddenly, you hear the ringing of the phone and the friend says, “Did you make a phone call to your girlfriend?”

Or, you are out with friends, and there is this amazingly cute guy who is checking you out, and you accidentally let your eyes meet his. You both eye each other up and down, and he decides he wants to kiss you. He gets a little closer, gets an extra energetically and sensually together, and leans in mercilessly to give you a good lick of his tongue.

It has to be done right, and if you are a woman reading this, you already know that. But, how do you know if you are doing it right? When, exactly, do you go from being an audience member to a partner?

This is the key to French kissing, guys. It has to go exactly when you sense the attraction is there. Does this tell you that you should stick your prospect up and go for it? Probably not, or at least not on the first encounter.

You do not have to worry about making a move fast or moving too slow. Think of this kissing opportunity as your “aping” (a polite expression for putting your partner in the leader spot in a group). It will become clear to you as you read this.

So, what are the indicators that you should look for?

1) Leaning In

This is simple. If he is leaning into you when you speak, chances are, he is interested in kissing you. Just look at his face. His face has sure been a lot friendlier lately, hasn’t it?

2) Head Tilt

When a guy is interested in French kissing you, he will bring his head closer to yours. If you are making eye contact with each other, there is a mathematical chance that he will tilt his head to the point that he can’t help but to kiss you. Just look into his eyes and see if you can feel a tilt in his vision at the same time.

3) Teasing

There are two types of teasing. There are the slightly annoying type and the slightly annoying type that you need to be very keen on. The mildly annoying teasing is when a guy does something that you specifically noticed and did not like. The guy that comes on too strong is the one that you do not do to much. He is the one that will plan an entire date just to “get your undivided attention”. 

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