Using Mind Map To Successfully Motivate Your Team To Success

Team motivation

Many people doubt the power of mind mapping and often think that they need to be a genius to benefit from mind mapping. In my experience, I believe this is not the case, and here’s why.

I’ve used mind mapping for a long time in my projects, and interestingly enough, it works just as well in business. And I’ve only been using a mind map for my coaching courses for the last 2 months of the year, but it has already been a great success. The reason why I think successful uses mind map is because when you use a mind map, you use it from “Layers” to “Filters”, to “Patterns”, to “Level of fascinated”, from ” fascination” to “Paradoxical Activation”, (the last two are explained below). In other words, you use the map to put a picture (your image here) onto the mind map to represent your intention, and then you use the map to put ideas into it, and finally, you use the map to activate knowledge and experience.

An example of how this works

Say you have to generate a sales page for a new product to advertise, and as you create your map, you put images representing the new product. Buyers will see a smiling woman holding a new cell phone, and they will hear her say, “I’m afraid that your product is boring, this is not something people will be able to buy this year. So, Ed is always selling the same product, but Ed’s product is boring to most people, so they don’t buy.” You also remember that you have put the states of the product on the map, so you can see people’s faces as they see Ed, and when you switch states (from the salesperson to a new mom, then into a new mom) you switch from the sun-worshipping, loving and friendly state (the layer “People and Money”) to a sorry state (the layer “Peter coming from Holy”, which in turn changes to “Help” on the map).

You’re probably really confused now, what does this have to do with a mind map? The main point I want to make here is that when you start using a mind map, you mainly focus on your intention. In other words, if you intend to create a perfect presentation or a product that must help people, for example, then you visualize putting in the perfect sketch artist. And the moment you perceive this perfectly, you start to realize the benefits that this might bring you!

Because future knowledge and experience try to put themselves on your mind map, and when you switch states at any moment, you switch to your highest level, then you start to attract exactly what you wish for! Using the mind map makes it almost like magic.

So, up to this point, you’re position on the map hasn’t changed, but your state of mind has, and this means that now when you use a mind map, the first reason why you might attract some of the matches, is because when working on your project you’re on your highest state! In this position, you attract exactly what you intend to bring out.

The second step of the method

Now, moving on to the second step of the method of how to use a mind map, which is “ALWAYS reflect and ALWAYS work with your next most expanded consumer-state!” – As you think about what you intend to do in the future, you state your intention in a state that works for you, so that you can attract exactly what you wish for! Starting with this, when you state what you’re trying to do, you tend to attract it into your life by thinking about it, because the more aligned you are to it, the more of the same energy you send out to attract it. So come on, take a picture of what you intend to do shortly, and see it in a way that is clear and easy for the medium towards you!

Remember, when you use the mind map to attract the perfect website, and. Why it works for a video, and why you’ve attracted 100s of salespeople only to later realize that they don’t even need your product anymore, this is because your mind got aligned with what you are manifesting, and that makes you visualize it in your reality, while still bringing you into a state of mind to attract it, and once you attract that energy, it’s there waiting for you to get to it easily, and then it shows up on your map and all of a sudden they become aware of it and start calling you to go to the other third level in the mind map.

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