Which Types of Potatoes to Plant

Potato field

When planning out your home garden, it is important to remember that potatoes are one of the key crops to include. Whether you’re an experienced “green” gardener, as is the case for so many, or you’re just a beginner, you will find that growing these tasty bulbs is a fantastic fun adventure that can be very rewarding.

The most common types of potatoes

Currently, the most common types of potatoes are Self-Stuck Spring Spuds, Self-Stuck Harvest Dumes, and Mincing potatoes. Self-Stuck Spring Spuds are preferred for the aesthetic value they add as each stalk has a semi-erect cluster of flowers on them. These bulbs develop from the male buds in the spring, and by the following spring, either the male or female flowers will form and will be evident within the bulb’s foliage.

Self-Stuck Harvest Dumes acquire their name which is derived from the male flowers that develop, if they reach a certain size, within a nutshell of the alumnus’ foliage. These are often described as multi-layered, or tongue-like bulbs. Male flowers are in sharp contrast to the creamy white female flowers that are produced once the female flowers have matured.

These potatoes are extremely rewarding to grow. Many people love to share these unique potato species with friends and neighbors.

The type of potato you select to grow very often determines how many of your crops will grow. With this in mind, it is recommended that you (not the gardener) are the ones to decide on which varieties you would like to grow. There are many, many different varieties of potato that stretch from the snaps of your fingers. Through the harvesting and planting of your crop, right down to the soil and care necessary to harvest your crop and have a healthy life them into the future.

The crucial part

Having so many varieties makes it extremely crucial that you select the very best potatoes, which are available to purchase, from the very best nurseries, and once again make sure you are purchasing from a local grower that you are pleased with.

One thing to keep in mind that while this is true is that these potatoes are incredibly accessible, healthy, and delicious. When purchasing your potato, make sure you ask the grower which variety they are growing, with the most taste and lack of the gal catalysts that the potatoes you grew last winter to be.

Remember when purchasing your potato, depending on the size of the bulb, the less than 3 pounds will be required to plant the rest of your crop. Picking the best time to plant your crop will determine the size of your crop and the amount of harvest your plants will give.

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